Francisco Malesela Kgoboko, Founder and CEO of FMK Global Holdings Engineering Consultancy, has been appointed as High Commissioner for Botswana. High Commissioner Kgoboko represents Botswana in the Global Consultants Committee of the Grand Assembly of the World Business Angels Investment Forum.

Francisco Malesela Kgoboko is an entrepreneur, a chemical and mineral processing engineer, founder and CEO of the FMK Global Holding’s Engineering Consultancy, a farming entrepreneur, and business angel investor and founder. His entrepreneurial pursuits, fuelled by his passion for economic empowerment, cut across several industry sectors. Francisco founded FMK Global Holdings to offer turnkey engineering solutions for companies in the mining, tech Innovation, and construction sectors. It offers an accelerator program that scales up existing start-ups in Botswana and Africa. Francisco runs an innovation factory set to bring the best technologies to address local needs in Botswana, and he set up the Botswana Business Angels Investment Network. Has a successful commercial integrated farming business in cattle production, amongst various other areas. He remains a global consultant and mentor in the engineering field, where he mentors up-and-coming engineers and entrepreneurs. Francisco has a passion for economic development of his home country, Botswana, and the African continent. Francisco has enjoyed a career spanning 10 years in engineering, project management and executive management positions at mining companies such as the Debswana Diamond Company—De Beers Group and commissioned the Karowe Diamond Mine.

Francisco’s deepest wish is to see communities united and developed to meet 21st-century demands. His profile page on Facebook has a following of approximately 44,000 youth followers. He holds a Chemical Engineering degree from McMaster University, located in Ontario, Canada .