Yazi Adamou, President of the Niger Trade Association of Business Angels, has been appointed as High Commissioner for Niger. High Commissioner Adamou represents Niger in the Global Impact Investors Committee of the Grand Assembly of the World Business Angels Investment Forum.

After completing his engineer degree in Topography from École National d’Ingénieurs in Bamako, Mali, Yazi Adamou served as Director and host for US-based non-profit organizations for more than 24 years, covering the Sahel and the Sahara area. Yazi’s fields of expertise include personal development, entrepreneurship, and business development. He is also a volunteer mobilizer, as evidenced by the faith-based coordination effort around the 2005 francophone games hosted by Niger, where he mobilized more than 500 volunteers from 10 countries. Yazi is certified by a US-based NGO as an entrepreneurship and personal development trainer. As a serial entrepreneur, he founded two companies and co-founded a media business in Niger.
He co-founded the Niger YMCA and is a member of numerous local non-profit organizations. He founded ACCEntrepreneur to support, to train, to link, and to help entrepreneurs access and secure funding. He started an acceleration program called B2B Zaure, funded as a pilot program by USAID and SNV. Yazi initiated and co-founded the Niger Business Angels Network, the first initiative of the kind in Niger. He is a US Exchange Alumni on Entrepreneurship from the University of Findlay, and has attended many professional events, including the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Marrakech and Nairobi, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Johannesburg, and the World Business Angels Forum in Istanbul, where he was appointed Commissioner to Niger. Yazi is the National Host for Global Entrepreneurship Week and other GEN programmes that support the entrepreneurial ecosystem around the world. On Belbin, Yazi is a pioneer, implementer and coordinator.