Marcelo de Andrade, Earth Capital Holdings Partner & President of the Earth Capital Brasil, Brazil.

Marcelo Carvalho de Andrade is considered a true visionary and leader of our time ( " The true visionaries of our time" - Martin Haeusler, Time Magazine/CNN, Mitchel Prize, UN Earth Day International Award, etc.).
The Brazilian graduated in medicine, became an Olympic rowing athlete, but gained fame as a worldwide expeditionary, businessman and environmentalist as he decided to help bridge the gap between economic development and social / environmental wellness, harnessing financial and corporate know-how to the task of creating sustainable solutions for the development of human kind's life quality.
During his expeditions to the highest mountains, most isolated forests and deserts in the world, Marcelo discovered situations of extreme poverty and deforestation in regions of highest biological diversity. As a result, in 1985, he founded a non-profit sustainable development agency named Pro Natura as a contribution to solving these problems attacking its direct cause: the world's outdated model of economic development. The strategy has always been to stimulate environmentally sound, socially just and inclusive economic integrated projects in disadvantaged regions around the world.
Later this approach would be known as “sustainability”, making him and the organization one of the pioneers of the area in the world.
Marcelo also co-founded Terra Capital in the mid-90s, the first Venture Capital Fund with full environmental guidelines and in 2008 Earth Capital Partners: a responsible investor, part of a global group of investment managers with a focus on sustainability.
Since then, Marcelo has dedicated his life to the crusade of combining human dignity, nature, and business in over 60 countries in the creation of a worldwide model of sustainable development.