Zakir Hussain, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of USense Innovative Solutions, has been appointed Senator at the Grand Assembly of the World Business Angels Investment Forum. Senator Hussain represents India in the Global Impact Investors Committee of the Grand Assembly.

Zakir Hussain is a leader, innovator, and a visionary who changed the face of User Experience and Design domain on the Indian subcontinent. Hailing from a remote village in Tamil Nadu, India, he went on to become the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of USense Innovative Solutions. The USense brand also expanded to the United Kingdom, Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi Arabia under his guidance. An Arts graduate from Lucknow University, Mr Hussain began his career as an entry-level designer in the field of advertisement. From junior designer to senior visualizer, his skills were tested at various levels as he sharpened his creativity to a great extent. Gradually changing gears, he shifted focus  to the IT sector, where his expertise would bloom while his career took a major turn. As Creative Director, he would manage high-end clients such as HP, Microsoft, and the Reserve Bank of India. One of the key assignments handled by Zakir was JIO 4G. India’s largest telecom provider, JIO 4G, was under his responsibility, starting from project management, planning, and research to various app design initiatives.
Another major turn in Mr Hussain’s career was in 2008, when he initiated his own start- up, ILM Innovates, where he served as CEO and Innovative Consultant. Motivating his 25-member core team, he mentored the young minds with entrepreneurial skills and guidance. Taking his entrepreneurial initiative to the next level, Zakir introduced a similar concept to develop rural areas of India. In the form of Human United Mission, he makes his contribution towards the uplifting of society. Under his guidance, HUM is steadily growing and pursuing its objectives of poverty eradication, rural entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment. Zakir is also an Angel Investor to start-ups such as Edusense Note, Visitor Management System, and Incident Tracking System. He has been named as one of the best 5 designers by Adobe. He has also been recognized for his start-up with a nomination to the ‘Top 50 Start-ups’ at Startup Istanbul, 2017.