Dadang Syamsul Munir, Partnership Development, Indonesian Science and Technology Park  Association ( ISTPA), has been appointed as Senator at the Grand Assembly of the World Business Angels Investment Forum. Senator Munir will represent Indonesia in the Global Startup Committee of the Grand Assembly.

1) Director of Partnership Development, Indonesian Science Techno Park Association ( Jan 2019 - Now)

2) Director of IPB University Science Teckno Park ( 2014-2018)

3) Head Division of Business Development of PT Bogor Life Science and Technology (PT. BLST). Holding Company owned by IPB University, Indonesia ( 2014- Now)

4) Director of PT Botani Seed Indonesia.Subsidiary Company of  PT BLST ( 2015- Now)

5) Director of PT Biomedical Technology Indonesia. Subdidiary Company of PT BLST ( 2015-Now)

6) Commissioner of PT Indo Global Trade ( 2013-Now)

7) President Director of PT Varuna Tirta Prakasya. State Owned Enterprise in Logistic Business ( 2009-2013)

8) Operation Director of PT Berdikari. State Owned Enterprise in Trading,Insurance and Logistic ( 2004-2009)

9) Director of PT Berdikari Niaga Utama. State Owned Enterprise in Trading Business ( 1999-2004)

10) General Manager of PT Berdikari Niaga Utama.State Owned Enterprise in Trading Business  ( 1990-1999)

11) Manager at PT Pusat Pengembangan Agribusiness, Consultant Business ( 1986- 1990 )   STUDY RECORD  Formal Study   • Undergraduate Degree:, Department of Agronomy, Agricultural Faculty, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) . Finished at the year 1986. • Master Degree: Magister Management with major concentration on “International Management” from “IPMI International Business School”, Jakarta- Indonesia. Finished at the Year 2003.   Training / Course / Seminar  • Training Program for Management and Operational Development of Science Technology Park. Keimyung University and Daegu Techno Park. Daegu-Korea. 2018  • 2017 WTA-UNESCO International Training Workshop on Science & Technology Park Development Strategy in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution, Daejeon Korea, September  2017 ( five  days)  • 18th Training Program for Science & Technology Park Development. Korea’s 44-years Experience of STPs. May 15th-26th 2017 ( two  weeks)  • International Training Workshop on Joint Growth of Science & Technology Park With Regional High Education Institute, UNESCO-WTP,Daejeon-Korea,2016 • International Training Workshop on Establishing The Regional Innovation Platform based on STP, UNESCO-WTA, Daejeon-Korea, 2015 • Course on Policy and Implementation of Science and Technology Parks in Indonesia. TCF ( EU-Indonesia Trade Cooperation Facility ). Indonesia 2016. • Course on Post Harvest Technology and Marketing of Agricultural Product. Idaho University. Sponsored by USAID, 1994 • Course on Export to Japan Study Program. Tokyo-Japan. Sponsored by JETRO, 1993 • Course on Distribution System of Agriculture Product in Japan. Osaka- Japan. Sponsored by JICA. 1992 • Course on International Marketing of Agricultural Products in European Countries. Rotterdam- The Netherland. Sponsored by CBI-The Netherland, 1991. • Participant in the Trainings and Seminars related to Agriculture Marketing Development in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. All the activities due to the position as Local Expert of “Indonesian Agribusiness Development Project”. Sponsored by USAID. 1993-1997. • Presenter and/or Participant in many course and  seminar related to Marketing, Finansial,Business Strategy and STP ( Science Technology  Park ) Development in Indonesia. 1993-2016.  AWARD   • Award from Ministry of Food and Horticulture, Republic of Indonesia for the contribution to develop International Marketing of Indonesian Horticulture products. Year 1999.  • The General Electric  (GE) Award for Excellence in Business Strategy for the Class Executive Magister Management  Program, January 2001. IPMI Business School, 2003 • The Sucofindo Award for Excellence in Business Ethics for the Class Executive Magister Management  Program, January 2001. IPMI Business School, 2003 • The Berdikari Award for Excellence in Management Communication for the Class Executive Magister Management  Program, January 2001. IPMI Business School 2003.  ORGANIZATION  ACTIVITY  • Secretary General  of Indonesian Horticulture Exporter Association. Period  1993 – 2000. • The member of Agriculture Development Committee, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Period  1998-2003 • The Chairman of Department of Agronomy Alumni Association, Bogor Agricultural University.  • The Volunteer at NGO (Non-Government Organization)   namely   “Orange Revolution ”. The purpose of the organization is to develop the modern Supply Chain Management for Tropical  Fruit based on Orchard and Estate Plantation.  PERSONAL DATA  Age is 57  years. Birth at Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia at 16 November 1962. Married with two (2) children.