Ingrid Orozco, President of the Women International Trade (OWIT) I Young Leader of the Americas Initiative at the US Department of State, Mexico

Internationalist, diplomat, and expert in strategy, trade promotion, business expansion, innovation, and  competitiveness,. Ingrid has had a very dynamic career, developing and implementing several projects in America,  Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East, but also as entrepreneur and businesswoman creating different ventures such  as Spaxpress, Cultour (technological platform to preserve traditions in the Pacific Alliance region), and ULead International,(trade promotion and investment attraction for social impact company) in Mexico.
Member of  the Women’s President Organization (WPO), President to The International Organization of Women in Trade (OWIT)  Mexico and Executive Director for The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), The White House-led initiative on global women's economic empowerment designed to empower women worldwide to fulfill their economic potential.
Ingrid has worked in different countries, to governments, trade promotion organizations and chambers of commerce such as Canada, Brazil, Turkey, The United States, United Kingdom, Colombia and Chile, reaching international agreements, and building bridges of understanding between different cultures and nations, such as the creation of  the Mexican-Canadian Investment Consortium, the MOU between Manitoba Hydro and The Ministry of Energy, and the design of the first event for women business leaders in the Pacific Alliance.
Ingrid is considered social innovator by United Nations and leader of opinión, she has participated as key speaker in  different events organized by the World Trade Centre, the International Trade Centre, the North American Women  Business Summit, and Latinomics. She has been certified by Georgetown University as Global Competitive Leader  and Social Innovator  by  the  Global School of Social Leaders  in Viena.
Ingrid has been working with entrepreneurs and owners of companies throughout Latin America in terms of competitiveness, internationalization processes, diversity and social impact, always promoting, people´s engagement in the local sustainable development process of their own communities through education, action and glocal  diplomacy.
In 2016 she was selected by the State Department and President´s Obama initiative (YLAI) to grow businesses, enterprises, start-ups, and civil society organizations throughout the Western  Hemisphere, and  nowadays is member of the board of MujerEs Innovando, the Mexico’ s City government initiative  to promote  digitalization and immersion of Women in technology.